Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Walking through the dusty path
I heard the wavering of hurdles
My mind was keeping mum
With no one to sum 

Keeping pace with the silence
Nothing was hard than being solitary
I craved for a hand to be held in mine,
I mourned for a shoulder to keep me up

But the path was too long
Whispering a melancholy song
Twisting and twirling in the rays of loneliness
I saw my world drowning into the depth

My steps were shimmering with no hope
Dust was crowding leaving no scope
I wished for a ray of hope to touch me
Nothing except loneliness filled my mind

Keeping the deepest pain to myself
Struggling with the sea of tears
I kept pace along the lonely path
Hoping for a hand to take me up
Hoping for a smile to hug me up